PT. Ocean Jaya Samudra
Crew Recruitment and Placement


The mobility of Indonesian workers is supported by quality human resources and is an alternative to expand employment opportunities for the people of Indonesia. Therefore PT. OCEAN JAYA SAMUDRA has a VISION to:

  • To produce high-quality & highly-credible professionals for the community in general & for CTKI in particular through training & education so that they are ready to compete in the international world
  • Helping and succeeding the government program in the field of manpower by placing labor abroad in this case the Fisherman Crew
  • Helps provide employment and hope for a better income
  • Helping the government to reduce unemployment and poverty
  • Maintaining the dignity of the nation and state through Indonesian workers who work abroad
  • Helps and increases the country's foreign exchange income


PT. OCEAN JAYA SAMUDRA has a MISSION to help improve the standard of living, the dignity of the nation, especially for CTKI with this PPA by preparing Prospective Fishermen Crews to become skilled and professional workers by :

  • Conduct training and quality improvement programs by applying a work competency approach
  • Develop a system
  • Develop human resources
  • Making partnerships with third parties


With a professional and disciplined management system. PT. OCEAN JAYA SAMUDRA has a commitment to prepare and print Indonesian Workers / Fisherman Crew Professionals who are of high quality & highly credible so that they are ready to compete in the international world.

General requirements

In this regulation what is meant by :

  • Sea Transportation Company is a sea transportation company incorporated in Indonesia that carries out sea transportation activities within the territorial waters of Indonesia and or from and to ports abroad.
  • Ship crew agency (ship manning agency) is a crew agency services in the form of a legal entity engaged in international recruitment and crew placement on ships according to qualifications.
  • Trade Unions are workers 'organizations that comply with national provisions and / or international workers' organizations affiliated with international trade unions.
  • Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) is a collective work agreement made and signed by a sea transport company and / or ship owner and / or operator with a seafarers' union known by the directorate general of sea transportation.
  • Sea Work Agreement (Seafarer's Employment Agreement) is an individual work agreement made by a sea transportation company or an agency company with seafarers who will be employed as crew members.
  • Work agreement is an agreement between the worker / seafarer and the owner / operator of the ship that must be known by the appointed official or representative of the Republic of Indonesia in the nearest foreign country.
  • Seaman is every person who has the qualifications of expertise and / or skills as a crew.
  • Ship Crew is a person who works or is employed on a ship by the owner / operator of the ship to carry out duties on the ship in accordance with the position listed in the sijil book and / or sea work agreement
  • Mandiri Seafarers are seafarers who contract with foreign shipping companies through agents.
  • Director General is the Director General of Sea Transportation.
  • Minister is the Minister of Transportation.
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