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Crew Recruitment and Placement

Crew management

Our Crew Management scheme has been specifically designed to address all operations related to the Human Element onboard a vessel, which is being consisted by a broad range of activities like Crew selection, screening, interview, recruitment, training, briefing, deployment, payment, repatriation, de-briefing, etc. It is a cost benefit scheme for the Ship owner who will have a full reporting concerning all crew aspects and expenses of Company’s vessels. Crew Nationality and Payroll structure Our Management Team is able to provide Crew Selection Solution from various Countries depending on the Vessel’s needs (Type, Trading Area, Seafarer Selection Criteria etc).

Crew Manning

Our Manning services range from the selection / engagement of single sailors to full crew equipment for client ships. We have many trained seamen, who are fully prepared to join in the relevant short notice. Our current leading position in the Crew Industry, our outstanding reputation, our high retention rate demonstrates our ability to attract and retain qualified, well-trained, fit, and medically committed seamen for our Principals. Competitive Crew Wage Basis for Nationality The crew chosen and the basis for the incentive / bonus plan relevant to the needs of the Shipowner / Market.


PT Ocean Jaya Samudra was formed to provide quality training for seafarers. Here we strongly believe in establishing the value of world-class seamen through high standards of training and education. PT Ocean Jaya Samudra through the introduction of high quality training practices aims to become a leading supplier of quality and competent seafarers in the Maritime Industry. Many trainees each month have benefited from the quality of service training provided at our new Training center, by highly qualified personnel who are dedicated to providing excellent service using the most modern technology available.

Please contact us for those of you who are interested in training and becoming a professional crew.

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